Review sách Gọi một con chim là Tình yêu – Harper Lee

Review Sách Gọi Một Con Chim Là Tình Yêu - Harper Lee

Review Sách Gọi Một Con Chim Là Tình Yêu - Harper Lee


Harper Lee's masterpiece still holds relevance today
Harper Lee’s masterpiece still holds relevance today

If you’re looking for a book that will take you on an emotional journey, then “Gọi một con chim là Tình yêu” by Harper Lee is a must-read. This novel has been a staple in literature since its publication in 1960, and it’s easy to see why.

A. Brief overview of the book

The birthplace of a classic
The birthplace of a classic

Set in the 1930s, “Gọi một con chim là Tình yêu” follows the story of Scout Finch, a young girl growing up in a small town in Alabama. Through Scout’s eyes, we see the racial tensions and injustices that exist in the town, especially during the trial of a black man accused of rape.

B. Importance of the book in literature

Exploring the lesser-known works of Harper Lee
Exploring the lesser-known works of Harper Lee

Harper Lee’s novel is considered a classic in American literature and is often taught in schools worldwide. The book tackles issues of racism, injustice, and morality, making it both a thought-provoking and heart-wrenching read. Its impactful themes continue to resonate with readers today.

C. Brief introduction of Harper Lee

Harper Lee was an American novelist best known for “Gọi một con chim là Tình yêu,” which won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1961. Lee’s style of writing is known for its simplicity and straightforwardness, which allows the reader to fully immerse themselves in the story.

About the Author

A. Harper Lee’s background

Harper Lee was born on April 28, 1926, in Monroeville, Alabama. She was the youngest of four children and grew up during the Great Depression. Lee attended the University of Alabama, where she studied law and wrote for the student newspaper. However, she left law school before graduating to pursue a writing career.

B. Notable works

While Harper Lee only published two novels in her lifetime, both have had a significant impact on American literature. “Gọi một con chim là Tình yêu” was her first novel, which won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1961. Her second novel, “Go Set a Watchman,” was published in 2015, over 50 years after her first novel.

C. Awards and recognition

Harper Lee’s contribution to literature has been recognized with numerous awards. In addition to the Pulitzer Prize, she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President George W. Bush in 2007. Her novel, “Gọi một con chim là Tình yêu,” has been adapted into a successful film and a Broadway play. Lee’s legacy as a writer continues to inspire future generations of writers, journalists, and advocates for social justice.

Summary of the Book

A. Plot summary

“Gọi một con chim là Tình yêu” is a coming-of-age story that takes place in the 1930s. The story is narrated by Scout Finch, a young girl who lives in the small town of Maycomb, Alabama. Scout and her brother Jem become friends with a boy named Dill, and the three of them spend their summers together, often trying to catch a glimpse of their reclusive neighbor, Boo Radley.

As the story progresses, Scout’s father, Atticus, takes on the case of a black man named Tom Robinson, who has been accused of raping a white woman. Despite the evidence pointing to Tom’s innocence, he is still found guilty due to the racial prejudices of the town.

B. Characters

The main characters in “Gọi một con chim là Tình yêu” include Scout Finch, Jem Finch, Atticus Finch, Boo Radley, and Tom Robinson. Scout is the narrator of the story and provides a child’s perspective on the events that take place. Jem is Scout’s older brother, and Atticus is their father, who is a lawyer and a widower. Boo Radley is a mysterious neighbor who the children are fascinated with, but who is feared by the adults in the town. Tom Robinson is a black man who is wrongly accused of a crime and becomes the focus of the trial that takes place in the novel.

C. Themes

The novel deals with several themes, including the loss of innocence, the dangers of prejudice and racism, and the importance of standing up for what is right, even when it is unpopular. Through the characters in the book, Harper Lee explores the complexities of human nature and the various ways people respond to injustice and oppression.

Writing Style and Language

A. Writing style and tone

Harper Lee’s writing style in “Gọi một con chim là Tình yêu” is simple and straightforward. Her choice of words and tone perfectly capture the innocence and curiosity of a child’s perspective. The narrative is engaging and easy to follow, making it an enjoyable read for all ages.

B. Use of metaphors and symbolism

Lee masterfully uses metaphors and symbolism throughout the book to convey deeper meanings and themes. The mockingbird, for example, serves as a symbol of innocence and the idea that it is a sin to harm something that is innocent. The title of the book itself, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” is a metaphor for destroying something pure and innocent.

C. Language and vocabulary used

The language used in the book is colloquial and reflects the dialect of the region. The use of Southern English and slang adds to the authenticity of the setting and characters. However, the vocabulary used is also sophisticated, with Lee introducing new words and concepts to the reader in a way that is easy to understand. This balance of colloquialism and sophistication creates a unique reading experience that is both accessible and thought-provoking.

Critical Reception

A. Reviews from Established Publications

“Gọi một con chim là Tình yêu” has received critical acclaim from established publications, including The New York Times and The Guardian. The New York Times described it as “a novel of great sweetness, humor, compassion, and of mystery carefully sustained.” The Guardian praised its “powerful evocation of a time and place when racism and prejudice were endemic and rarely challenged.”

B. Reader Reviews

The book has also received positive reviews from readers around the world. Many readers have praised its ability to tackle complex themes while still being a captivating and enjoyable read. Others have commended Harper Lee’s writing style, which captures the voice of a young girl in a small town with remarkable authenticity.

C. Literary Analysis and Criticism

Since its publication, “Gọi một con chim là Tình yêu” has been the subject of countless literary analyses and criticisms. Scholars have explored the book’s themes, characters, and symbolism, providing insight into the novel’s deeper meanings. One prominent criticism is the portrayal of the black characters in the book, which has been the subject of much debate and discussion. Despite this, the book continues to be widely read and studied.


If you haven’t already read “Gọi một con chim là Tình yêu” by Harper Lee, then I highly recommend you do. This novel is a powerful depiction of racism and injustice in America, and its themes are still relevant today.

Lee’s writing style is both simple and captivating, making it easy to become fully invested in the story. Her characters are complex and well-developed, leaving a lasting impression on the reader.

In conclusion, “Gọi một con chim là Tình yêu” is a timeless classic that deserves a place on every bookshelf. It’s a story that will stay with you long after you’ve turned the final page.

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