Review sách Chồng Chung – Trần Hữu Tri: A Heartfelt Tale of Family and Love

Review Sách Chồng Chung - Trần Hữu Tri

Review Sách Chồng Chung - Trần Hữu Tri


A page from 'Chồng Chung' showcasing the author's descriptive and emotive writing style.
A page from ‘Chồng Chung’ showcasing the author’s descriptive and emotive writing style.

Are you looking for a heartwarming read that will leave you with a renewed appreciation for family and love? Look no further than “Chồng Chung” by Tran Huu TrIn this review, we’ll dive into the details of this touching book and explore the reasons why it’s a must-read for any lover of contemporary literature.

“Chồng Chung” tells the story of a family in Vietnam and the trials and tribulations they face as they navigate the complexities of modern life. Through the lens of the family’s experiences, the book explores themes such as love, family, and societal expectations, offering readers a profound and emotional journey.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the book’s major themes, characters, and writing style, as well as offering our own critique on its strengths and weaknesses. So, sit back, relax, and let’s get started on our exploration of “Chồng Chung” by Tran Huu Tr

Overview of “Chồng Chung”

Friends enjoying a cup of coffee and lively conversation about 'Chồng Chung' by Tran Huu Tri.
Friends enjoying a cup of coffee and lively conversation about ‘Chồng Chung’ by Tran Huu Tri.

Summary of the plot and major themes

“Chồng Chung” follows the story of a family in Vietnam, focusing particularly on the lives of the parents, Thanh and Nhan, and their three children. The book explores the challenges that arise as each family member confronts their own unique struggles, from Thanh’s declining health to Nhan’s strained relationship with her daughter, Hanh.

Throughout the story, the themes of love, family, and societal expectations are explored in depth. The family’s struggles with these issues are set against a backdrop of modern-day Vietnam, providing a unique perspective on the country’s culture and traditions.

Discussion of the author’s writing style and tone

Tran Huu Tri’s writing style is characterized by its simplicity and emotional depth. The author has a gift for capturing the complexity of human emotions and relationships, crafting characters that are both relatable and deeply flawed.

The tone of the book is poignant and heartfelt, drawing the reader into the world of the characters and their struggles. Tri’s use of language is precise and evocative, painting vivid pictures of the family’s experiences and the world around them.

Overall, the combination of Tri’s writing style and the book’s themes make “Chồng Chung” a powerful and emotionally resonant read that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Characters in “Chồng Chung”

A woman immersed in reading 'Chồng Chung' amidst a collection of other books.
A woman immersed in reading ‘Chồng Chung’ amidst a collection of other books.

Introduction of the Main Characters

“Chồng Chung” features a cast of richly drawn characters, each with their own unique motivations and personalities. At the center of the story is the Vuong family, a loving and close-knit group who must navigate the challenges of contemporary life in Vietnam.

The patriarch of the family is Mr. Vuong, a hardworking and devoted father who is determined to provide for his wife and children. His wife, Mrs. Vuong, is a loving and supportive partner who works hard to keep the family together, even in the face of adversity.

The Vuong children are also important characters in the book. The eldest son, Tuan, is a successful businessman who is struggling to balance his career ambitions with his responsibilities to his family. The middle child, Trang, is a talented artist who is pursuing her dreams despite the disapproval of her conservative parents. The youngest son, Thanh, is a rebellious teenager who is struggling to find his place in the world.

Analysis of Their Personalities and Motivations

One of the strengths of “Chồng Chung” is the depth and complexity of its characters. Each member of the Vuong family is given a unique backstory and set of motivations, making them feel like real people with real struggles.

Mr. Vuong, for example, is driven by a fierce sense of duty and responsibility to his family. He works long hours at his job and is willing to make sacrifices to ensure that his children have the opportunities he never had.

Mrs. Vuong, on the other hand, is motivated by her love for her family. She is a nurturing and selfless mother who is always there to provide emotional support and guidance to her children, even when they don’t appreciate it.

The children each have their own distinct personalities and motivations as well. Tuan is ambitious and driven, but he also feels the weight of his responsibilities to his family. Trang is independent and creative, but she must navigate the expectations of her traditional parents. Thanh is a typical teenager, struggling to find his place in the world and make sense of his own emotions.

Overall, the characters in “Chồng Chung” are some of the book’s strongest and most compelling elements. By the end of the story, readers will feel like they’ve truly come to know and care for each member of the Vuong family.

Themes in “Chồng Chung”


“Chồng Chung” explores the multifaceted nature of love, from the passion and excitement of new romance to the deep and abiding love that exists within families. Through the experiences of the book’s characters, readers gain a greater appreciation for the importance of love in our lives and the many forms it can take.


At its core, “Chồng Chung” is a story about family. The book explores the complex relationships that exist within families and the ways in which they can both support and challenge us. Through the family’s experiences in the book, readers gain a deeper understanding of the importance of family and the ways in which it shapes our lives.

Societal Expectations

“Chồng Chung” also delves into the societal expectations that can weigh heavily on individuals and families. The book explores the pressure to conform to social norms and the expectations that society places on us. Through the characters’ experiences, readers gain a greater appreciation for the challenges of living up to societal expectations while remaining true to oneself.

Portrayal of Themes in the Story

Overall, “Chồng Chung” does an excellent job of exploring its themes in a nuanced and thoughtful way. The book never feels preachy or didactic, but instead allows readers to draw their own conclusions about the nature of love, family, and societal expectations. Through the characters’ experiences and the book’s engaging plot, readers gain a deeper appreciation for the importance of these themes in our lives.

Critique of “Chồng Chung”


One of the biggest strengths of “Chồng Chung” is its ability to capture the complexities of family relationships and societal expectations in a way that is both relatable and emotionally resonant. Through the perspectives of its diverse cast of characters, the book offers a nuanced and insightful exploration of topics such as love, sacrifice, and the pressures of traditional gender roles.

Another strength of the book is its writing style, which is both elegant and evocative. Tran Huu Tri’s prose flows smoothly, carrying the reader along on a journey that is both engaging and thought-provoking. The author’s use of metaphor and imagery is particularly impressive, adding depth and richness to the story.


While “Chồng Chung” is a beautiful and well-written book, it does have some weaknesses. One of the biggest is its pacing, which can feel slow at times. While the detailed descriptions and character development are certainly a strength, they can also sometimes bog down the narrative and make it feel like the story is moving too slowly.

Another weakness of the book is its lack of diversity. While the characters are well-developed and engaging, they all come from a similar cultural and socioeconomic background, which can limit the book’s appeal to a wider audience.

Comparison with other works by Tran Huu Tri or similar authors

“Chồng Chung” is a standout work in Tran Huu Tri’s oeuvre, showcasing his talent for crafting emotionally resonant stories that explore the complexities of the human experience. Fans of his other works, such as “Bong Doi” and “Con Nguoi Nguoi Oi,” are sure to appreciate the same level of depth and introspection present in “Chồng Chung.”

For readers who enjoy similar authors, such as Nguyen Ngoc Tu and Nguyen Huy Thiep, “Chồng Chung” is sure to be a satisfying read. Like these authors, Tran Huu Tri is a master of exploring the intricacies of the human heart and the complexities of modern society, making his work a must-read for anyone who loves contemporary literature.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, “Chồng Chung” by Tran Huu Tri is a beautiful and touching book that offers readers a profound exploration of love, family, and the complexities of modern life. Through its well-crafted characters and powerful themes, the book delivers a heartfelt and emotional journey that will leave you with a renewed appreciation for the important things in life.

While the book may not be for everyone, those who appreciate contemporary literature and stories of family and love will find it to be a must-read. Its honest and sincere portrayal of the human experience is sure to capture the hearts of readers and leave a lasting impact.

So, if you’re looking for a book that will make you laugh, cry, and feel deeply, “Chồng Chung” is a great choice. We highly recommend it and hope that you’ll take the time to read it and experience the beauty and emotion of this wonderful book.

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