Retro 70’s Style: A Blast from the Past

Retro 70's Style

Retro 70's Style

Are you a fan of groovy tunes, psychedelic patterns, and bell-bottom pants? If so, then you’re in luck because Retro 70’s Style is back and better than ever! This iconic era has made a resurgence in recent years, inspiring fashion designers, interior decorators, and music aficionados alike. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the history of Retro 70’s Style, its defining characteristics, and how it continues to influence today’s culture.

First, let’s define what Retro 70’s Style is all about. This fashion and design movement emerged in the 1970s and was characterized by bold colors, geometric patterns, and a free-spirited attitude. It was a time of self-expression and individuality, where people weren’t afraid to experiment with their style. From platform shoes to disco balls, Retro 70’s Style was all about making a statement.

But where did this trend come from? The 70’s were a time of political turmoil, social change, and cultural revolution. The Vietnam War, Watergate scandal, and Civil Rights Movement were just a few of the issues that were at the forefront of people’s minds. In response to this upheaval, many turned to music, fashion, and art as a form of escapism. The result was an explosion of creativity and self-expression that defined the era.

Now that we’ve established the history of Retro 70’s Style, let’s dive deeper into its various components. From fashion to interior design, this trend has left its mark on many aspects of our culture. So, grab your lava lamp and let’s explore the world of Retro 70’s Style!


This outfit is a great example of how to incorporate Retro 70's Style in modern fashion!
This outfit is a great example of how to incorporate Retro 70’s Style in modern fashion!

Clothing trends during the 70’s

When it comes to Retro 70’s Style fashion, there are a few key pieces that come to mind. Bell-bottom pants, platform shoes, and maxi dresses were all the rage during this era. Men’s fashion was all about the leisure suit, with its wide lapels and bold colors. Women’s fashion was characterized by flowy, bohemian-inspired clothing, such as peasant tops and fringe vests.

But Retro 70’s Style fashion wasn’t just about the clothing itself – it was also about the way it was worn. People weren’t afraid to mix and match patterns, textures, and colors to create a unique look. Accessories were also a crucial part of the outfit, with oversized sunglasses, floppy hats, and chunky jewelry making a statement.

Revival of Retro 70’s Style in modern fashion

Fast forward to today, and Retro 70’s Style fashion is making a comeback. Designers are incorporating elements of this iconic era into their collections, from flared jeans to tie-dye prints. Celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid have been spotted rocking bell-bottoms and platform shoes, bringing Retro 70’s Style fashion back into the mainstream.

But why the sudden resurgence in popularity? Perhaps it’s because Retro 70’s Style fashion represents a sense of nostalgia and individuality that is missing from today’s fast-paced world. Or maybe it’s because people are looking for ways to express themselves in a more meaningful way. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure – Retro 70’s Style fashion is here to stay.

Retro 70’s Style Interior Design: Groovy Vibes for Your Home

This group of musicians is playing music inspired by Retro 70's Style!
This group of musicians is playing music inspired by Retro 70’s Style!

Retro 70’s Style isn’t just limited to fashion and music; it has also made its way into interior design. If you’re a fan of shag carpets, bold colors, and funky patterns, then Retro 70’s Style interior design might be just what you’re looking for. Here are some key characteristics of this design trend and tips on how to incorporate it into your modern home.

Characteristics of Retro 70’s Style Interiors

Retro 70’s Style interiors are all about creating a fun and welcoming atmosphere. Here are some of the key characteristics of this design trend:

Bold Colors

Retro 70’s Style interiors are known for their use of bold and bright colors. Think oranges, yellows, and greens. These colors are often paired with neutral tones like beige and brown to create a balanced look.

Funky Patterns

Geometric patterns were all the rage in the 70’s, and Retro 70’s Style interiors are no exception. From zig-zags to circles, these patterns add a playful touch to any room.

Statement Pieces

Retro 70’s Style interiors often feature statement pieces, such as a vintage record player or a funky light fixture. These pieces serve as a focal point and add personality to the room.

Tips on How to Incorporate Retro 70’s Style into Your Modern Home

If you want to add some Retro 70’s Style flair to your home, here are some tips to get you started:

Start with Accessories

If you’re not ready to commit to a full Retro 70’s Style overhaul, start small. Add some throw pillows, a colorful rug, or some funky wall art to your space.

Mix and Match

Retro 70’s Style doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Mix and match modern and vintage pieces to create a unique look that’s all your own.

Embrace Wood Tones

Natural wood tones were a staple of 70’s design. Incorporate wood furniture or accents into your space to add warmth and texture.

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a Retro 70’s Style interior that’s groovy, baby!


This vintage car has a Retro 70's Style that is still popular today!
This vintage car has a Retro 70’s Style that is still popular today!

The 70’s were a time of great musical innovation and experimentation. From disco to punk rock, there was a genre of music for everyone. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular genres of the time and how they helped shape the Retro 70’s Style movement.

Popular Music Genres during the 70’s

Disco music was one of the most popular genres of the 70’s, characterized by its upbeat rhythms, soulful vocals, and dance-friendly beats. Songs like “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees and “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor became anthems for the era and are still played at dance parties today.

Rock music also had a major influence on the 70’s, with bands like Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and Pink Floyd dominating the charts. This genre was defined by its heavy guitar riffs, powerful vocals, and rebellious attitude.

Funk music emerged in the 70’s and was characterized by its groovy basslines, syncopated rhythms, and soulful vocals. Artists like James Brown, Parliament-Funkadelic, and Earth, Wind & Fire helped popularize this genre and its influence can still be heard in modern music.

Influence of Retro 70’s Style Music on Modern Music

The influence of Retro 70’s Style music can be heard in many modern genres, from pop to hip hop. Artists like Bruno Mars, Daft Punk, and Pharrell Williams have all incorporated elements of 70’s music into their songs, from funky basslines to disco beats.

In addition, many modern musicians have been inspired by the fashion and attitude of the 70’s. From David Bowie’s androgynous style to Freddie Mercury’s flamboyant stage presence, Retro 70’s Style has become synonymous with a certain level of coolness and confidence.

In conclusion, Retro 70’s Style music has had a lasting impact on our culture, influencing both the music and fashion of today. Whether you’re a fan of disco, rock, or funk, there’s no denying the power and influence of this iconic era.

Film and Television

Iconic Films and TV Shows of the 70’s

The 70’s were a golden age for film and television, producing some of the most iconic works in history. From gritty dramas to lighthearted comedies, the era had something for everyone. One of the defining features of Retro 70’s Style was the bold and vibrant aesthetics that were used in movies and TV shows. Some of the most memorable films from this era include:

  • The Godfather (1972)
  • Jaws (1975)
  • Star Wars (1977)
  • Rocky (1976)
  • Saturday Night Fever (1977)

These films not only captured the spirit of the era but also influenced future generations of filmmakers. For example, the Star Wars franchise has continued to captivate audiences for over four decades, with its iconic characters and futuristic designs.

In addition to movies, the 70’s were also a time of great innovation in television. Shows like The Brady Bunch, Happy Days, and The Love Boat became cultural touchstones, defining the era for millions of viewers. These shows often featured the same bold and colorful aesthetics that were used in films, creating a cohesive visual style across different media.

Retro 70’s Style in Modern Films and TV Shows

Although the 70’s are long gone, their influence can still be felt in modern films and TV shows. Many filmmakers and showrunners have paid homage to the era by incorporating Retro 70’s Style elements into their work. For example, the Netflix series Stranger Things is set in the 80’s but draws heavily from the aesthetics of the 70’s. The show’s iconic title sequence features a font that is reminiscent of classic 70’s horror films, while its use of neon colors and geometric patterns is a nod to the era’s design trends.

Similarly, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken inspiration from Retro 70’s Style in its use of vibrant colors and bold designs. The character of Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy is a prime example, with his leather jacket, bell-bottom pants, and classic rock soundtrack.

In conclusion, the influence of Retro 70’s Style can be seen in many aspects of our culture, including film and television. Whether you’re a fan of classic movies or modern shows, there’s no denying the impact that this era has had on our visual language.


In conclusion, Retro 70’s Style is more than just a fashion trend or design movement. It’s a cultural phenomenon that has left an indelible mark on our society. From the vibrant colors and patterns of fashion to the funky beats of music, Retro 70’s Style continues to inspire and influence artists and designers to this day.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the era or just appreciate its unique aesthetic, there’s no denying the enduring appeal of Retro 70’s Style. So, why not incorporate some groovy elements into your wardrobe or home décor? After all, life is too short to be boring!

In the words of legendary musician David Bowie, “I always had a repulsive need to be something more than human. I felt very puny as a human. I thought, ‘F*** that. I want to be a superhuman.'” Retro 70’s Style embodies this sentiment perfectly – it’s all about embracing your individuality and expressing yourself in a way that’s uniquely you.

So, go ahead and embrace your inner hippie, disco diva, or rock star. Let Retro 70’s Style transport you to a time of peace, love, and grooviness. Who knows, you might just discover a new side of yourself in the process.

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